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We love soup. A simple statement, but it actually became a slight bit of a problem for us. Whenever we went out to a restaurant, we could never find a really good bowl of soup. Some were pretty good sometimes, but others were barely bowls of broth, while still others were generally more like ghastly, gruesome gruel.

Then, we would go to the supermarket and look at the rows and rows of soup-like substances that were sealed in pretty looking paper-covered metal cans. To eat them as soup, you had to use a can opener to open the thing up, then slop the slimy slab of stuff into a pan, add water and heat it up. Yummy!

Finally, one day we'd had enough and decided to take matters into our own hands. We confess, we copped a serious attitude about the scarcity of palatable pots of steamy, savory soup that you could actually feel warm and fuzzy about eating. Like when mom made it in the kitchen for you and all your troubles melted away.

So that was it, we armed ourselves with pots, pans, a fully-stocked kitchen with only the finest ingredients we could find, and we got down to some serious soup stirring. With attitude!


Soup With an Attitude

Recipe after recipe was tried and tested under our close soupervision and none would pass our strict taste test, until our buds were begging for more bites.

Now we had our selection of soups and were ready to free the masses from their can openers and slimy soup substitutes. We started out by first catering to restaurants, since that is where this whole story really began, remember? They loved our delicious, attitude-filled, bountiful bowls of gourmet, homemade soup goodness and the Soup Shop was born.

Now we deliver serious soup anywhere and anyone can enjoy the love, passion, dedication, fun and souperior soup making attitude we put into each and every bowl of our soup. We want you to enjoy it as much as we do, but we also we want you to know we absolutely love making our soup for each and every one of you that enjoys it.

Thank you for coming into our kitchen for a few moments and letting us tell you our somewhat sad, seemingly silly, soup saga. But it's all totally true and with our attitude about soup, you know we will never stop serving only the very best soup we can make, to each and every one of you. Bon Appetit!

Keep an eye out for our souper hot specials that will show up on none other than our, "Souper Hot Specials" page! We want you to enjoy eating our soups as much as we do making them. So keep checking back to our website, because we will be offering regular "Souper Hot Specials" on different selections of soup offerings. When you see one of our soups you really like, or one you haven't tried yet that you see on special, go ahead snag a bunch of it. You can freeze our soup then reheat it when you're ready to eat it, so stock up while it's on "Souper Hot Special!"


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SeherMelbourne, FL
Thank you so much for delicious soups !! Andrea I am so happy you suggested enchilada soupout of world !!
Finally checked out the shop.....had the chicken soup last night and beef stew for lunch today....excellent!!!! Will be having the New England clam chowder tomorrow.
JohnMelbourne, FL
Amazing selections of soups! I love soup and i found this palace. On my first visit i got the chicken enchillada soup. It was Fantastic! I also sampled a couple others and the decision was quite difficult. The food is delicious and clearly nade with quality ingredients. You are in and out quite quickly and the staff was very polite and welcoming. Great place!!
ShelleyMelbourne, FL
Love this place. Just finished my fourth bowl of soup from here this week! Love it!
TamaraMelbourne, FL
I had the potato leek soup (gluten free) and my husband had the she crab soup. To.die.for!
Hoi So Melbourne, FL
Very friendly and informative staff, the soups are yummy and the salads are fresh! I think this will be a new favorite :)

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